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Creating New Rituals and Routines - Make a Vision Board

Updated: May 31, 2020

Nothing interrupts our dreams like the passing of a loved one, job loss, divorce or other disappointments that come along our journey in life. These losses can turn off our ability to dream and we find ourselves simply trying to push through each day.

When our lives take an unexpected turn, it can feel as if our story has ended but it hasn’t. The reality is, we have entered a new chapter and our story continues. Our life may not be as we expected but it does continue. Give yourself permission to dream once again and create the life you desire while keeping the bond with your loved one close to your heart.

In my Grief to Gratitude coaching program we dive deep into creating new rituals and routines. Rituals help you to remember your loved one and help you work through your grief in a constructive way. You can plan rituals to honor a loved one’s birthday or an anniversary but rituals can also be a small daily or weekly ritual. It can be as elaborate or as intimate as you make it.

Below is an example of a way to create new rituals, honor the person you’ve lost and start dreaming again.

Host a family night and create a vision board:

  • Plan a family dinner and cook your lost one’s favorite meal

  • Play your loved one’s favorite music

  • Light a candle to remind you of your loved one

  • Ask each family member to share something – a memory, story, or a picture

  • After dinner make a family vision board and plan out all the things you want to do or achieve in your new life. Be sure to include small easily attainable goals.

  • Don’t worry right now about how to make your visions come true. The important thing is you are taking the first steps towards your new life.

  • Set weekly intentions for inspiration and motivation to achieve the goals on the vision board

  • Write the intentions down on a piece of paper

  • Hang the intentions and the vision board somewhere you can see it at least once a day

  • Treat yourself to dessert and spend a few moments reflecting on your creations

Once two our three of the visions on your board have manifested you can plan another family night to create a new vision board. You can carry the remaining visions from the original board to the next or replace them with something else. This keeps the original vision board from getting stale and allows your mind to open up for new goals.

Harness your Mourning Drive and keep on dreaming!


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