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The sound of her laughter fills the room.”

Meet Karie

Hello Mourning Drive Friends,

I’m Karie Karpes – mother of two amazing young adults, entrepreneur, Certified Grief Coach, Certified Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, and Retreat Specialist with over 20 years experience in the Travel and Hospitality Industry.

They say to be a successful life coach you need to tell your story.  People need to know that you can relate to their situation, and you can successfully guide them to where they want to go. This is why you HAVE to tell your story. Your MESS is your MESSAGE!  Friends, trust me when I tell you I can relate.

Divorce - married for over 20 years…my ex is now one of my best friends.

Bankruptcy - I mean who wouldn’t think that opening a Wine Bar was a great idea…ever grateful for the experience.

Death – blessed to have so many angels watching over me.

In the middle of a period when I was managing several macro- and micro-griefs in a very short amount of time, somebody asked me “How are you doing this?  How do you continue to keep moving forward with a smile on your face?” I paused for a moment and replied… “It must be my Mourning Drive.” 


As soon as the words fell off my lips, I knew I had found meaning in my loss.  I realized I was harnessing my grief to push me forward.  A sense of empowerment through my grief unveiled, resulting in a newly found purpose. I found the MESSAGE in the middle of my MESS and discovered my Mourning Drive.

From Grief to Gratitude!

Don’t Wait Any Longer, Start Your Healing Process Today!


Arizona, US

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