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Celebrate Life

Celebrate You

When you think of the word “grief,” most associate it with death, but grief is about the loss of any kind.  Let me guide you through the journey of grief and help you transform your life. I have walked the road that you’re now on, and I consider it my purpose to light the way for those who come behind me.

Empowered Grieving

How can grief help us find strength and empowerment?


Finding empowerment in times of loss can be an invaluable tool in the healing process.  I call this empowerment our Mourning Drive.

As impossible as it seems, losing someone can be a tremendous lesson that inspires us to embrace a healthier lifestyle filled with purpose and gratitude.

Discover your Mourning Drive and manage your grief through holistic transformation and healing - Mind, Body and Spirit.

Create your future by becoming the best version of yourself…Celebrate life, Celebrate you!

What is

Grief Coaching?

Grief Coaching is a specialty of coaching that helps you transition through the grieving process and plan your changed life in ways meaningful for you.

Everyone experiences some form of grief at some stage in their lives, yet no one experiences it the same.  We are all different.  My grief is unique to me and your grief unique to you.  But in the midst in our grief, it is important to acknowledge and accept the loss in order to move forward.

How is Mourning Drive different?  


Mourning Drive treats the whole person; Mind, Body and Spirit.


It’s an approach that believes that self-care is the pathway to managing your grief.  By focusing on optimizing your physical and mental health you can feel whole again and live a life full of energy and gratitude.  This is accomplished by finding balance through the pillars of holistic wellness through our three coaching programs:

Grief to Gratitude - Mind

Celebrate Life - Body

Celebrate You - Spirit
Together we will bring you from pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness, and grief to gratitude in the shortest time possible.  Mourning Drive carries a potent message; find empowerment and gratitude in life's challenges to live a life you didn't think was possible. 

Decide to say yes!


Work with Karie

One of the hardest things to do in life is finding the motivation to move on after you lose someone you love, whether by death, divorce or separation. This can also apply to job loss or bankruptcy.  You feel like you’ve lost interest in everything. You are no longer excited about waking up in the morning, and you tire easily. Your family and friends try to comfort you but it’s just impossible to see hope.


  • Do you feel shattered and overwhelmed by your grief?

  • Does your life feel lost or isolated with no sense of direction?


Imagine waking up without a pit in your stomach…


If you are committed to getting on top of your grief, by working with me as your personal coach and implementing the tools and techniques contained in the program, you will have the skills to:


  • Develop a clear vision for the life that is still available to you

  • Experience growth through your grief

  • Utilize powerful, effective coaching tools and exercises to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Boost your immune system

  • Understand how the gut brain connection affects our mental health 

  • Pull from your inner strength to propel you forward to a fulfilled life of meaning and purpose


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Grief Coaching

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Grief to Gratitude

Celebrate You

Celebrate Life

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